For quite a long time people have shared a stereotype about synthetic leather, which is imitation of animal skin, fake leather, and cheap faux leather. We hope by making high quality synthetic leather -
N°PELLE® could cast a new light for synthetic leather.

Ecological environment protection is the top issue that we focus on. Due to cruel manufacturing process of genuine leather, we advocate Ahimsa and to reduce the sacrifice of innocent animals by using synthetic leather instead of genuine leather.

Facing increasingly serious issue of global warming, we are devoted to brand new eco-friendly synthetic leather called " N°PELLE® ", which is DMF-free and cause both direct and indirect harmless to Nature and human body, in order to keep ecological environment in balance. In the end, reach the most perfect degree to live peacefully with Nature:Natural degree=N˚


Mission & Vision


We will continue bringing out innovative materials and comprehensive service as well. By collaborating more proactively with designers and release related collection; to become a platform for gestating design in Taiwan. To carry the idea of N˚ Pelle® to the world and forge a world famous vegan fashion brand with delicate lifestyle.


Our Colloection